Jersey Snap Button Rainbow Mustard Yellow JuSt Snaps


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Our JuSt Snaps are designed with extra long spikes, which prevents tearing out thicker fabrics or layers. In addition, our snaps shine with a matching counterpart (ring part), this is super sweet with e.g. reversible jackets.

Scope of delivery: 1 metal push button

1 push button = 4 individual parts
Front: with the motif “Rainbow mustard yellow”
Back: mustard yellow ring
and one closure part + and – (color nickel/silver)

ÖkoTex Standard 100
Diameter: 11 mm
Length of points: extra long, ca 4mm

For attaching the push-buttons, a commercially available push-button pliers and our attachment/tool, which has been specially developed for these push-buttons, are used:

For single-layer, thin fabrics, we recommend reinforcing the sewing piece where the push button should be securely located. For this Purpose I recommend a tissue insert such as. G700 or G710) .

To protect the button when washing, turn the textile to the left and avoid high slingshot numbers.

In the future there will be more snaps in new colours and designs 🙂


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