Personalized Web and Plege Information Labels Starter Pack


Starter package includes:

  • 50 pcs woven labels
  • 50 pcs Care Label

Lieferzeit: 6-8 Weeks

In stock


Here you can freely assemble your web label and your care labels as a starter set.

You get 200 pcs of woven labels and 200 pieces of care instruction labels

You need your logo with at least 300dpi.

Please send your wishes of size and logo to after purchase and payment.

We will then send you a finished file for preview by e-mail. Here you can control everything again.
Please give us 7 business days here 😉

After your release,we go to production!

Please note that after release, again about 6-8 weeks delivery time will be added.

100% polyester

Eco Tex Standard 100

Freely selectable



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