Embroidery file Unicorn Leni



The purchase includes the following formats: Embroidery files are in the formats:


The unicorn itself is available in 3 variants:
1)with 3D mane: The mane is created by full threads (14×13, 16×15,19×18, 20×20)
2)with DoodleMaehne: As usual with Doodle files, the mane is made of applied fabric (13×11, 15×12, 17×13, 20×16, 23×18)
3)with contourMaehne: The mane is embroidered from many individual lines(13×11, 15×12, 17×13, 20×16, 23×18)

In addition, there are various lettering:
1)”if you can be a unicorn always be one” (10×7, 13×9, 17×11, 18×12, 20×13)
2)”Magic” (10×5, 13×6, 15×6, 16×6, 18×6/Doodle, 20×7/Doodle, 24×8/Doodle,28×10/Doodle)
3)Sparkle (10×10, 13×13, 15×15, 18×18)
4)Rainbow (10×7, 13×9, 17×11, 18×13, 20×14) and cloud (7×5, 10×7, 13×9), which can also be combined wonderfully

Push files:
1) The unicorn as miniappli
2) Lettering Magic
3) Rainbow (as satin stitch)
4) Rainbow with clouds (as satin stitch/fill stitch)
5) RainbowContour (‘drawn optics’)

Birthday set:

1)BalloonSingles (4×10, 5×13, 5×15, 6×18, 7×20)
2)multiple balloons (8×10, 11×15, 13×18, 15×20)
3)Candle (2×7, 3×10, 3×13)
4)Pennant chain (13×5, 15×6, 18×7, 20×8)
5)Clouds in 3 variants (5×3, 7×5, 10×7)
6)Full embroidery numbers 0-10 in 2 variants (for the 10×10 frame)
7)Doodle numbers 0-10 (for the 10×10 frame)

This is a (for the most part) Doodle embroidery file (no application). Here, the outline is first drawn, then fabric is applied and this is fixed by re-embroidering the outlines. The multiple border creates the optics of sewing. The protruding fabric is cut off in an angular way. In contrast to an application, the edge is not cleaned with a satin stitch, this creates the typical fringe optics for stickododle.

It is suitable for beginners as well as professionals 🙂 Once the product is paid for, you can download it directly. The folder comes packed in a zip format and can be packed with e.g. Winzip. If you have any questions about this, you can write to me 🙂 By purchasing this file, you will receive a digital product, NOT physical. The license contained therein is for private use only, please note the license agreement in the purchased folder. If you need a commercial license, you can find it in my shop 🙂 On my Facebook page you will find some design examples that my design applicators have conjured up. https://www.facebook.com/Junodesignn/


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